Palm Beach Eukanuba world Challange

GCh. Starline's Chanel ("CHANEL")
(Ch. Sunbean Rembrandt of Endeavor, JC x Ch. Starline's Dream Date)
Bred by Lori and Carey Lawrence and Dianne Bowen
Owned by Lori, Carey and Ncole Lawrence
Group Judge Ms. Patricia Laurans
Breed Judge Mrs. Gloria Reese
FAST FACT: "Chanel" is the nation's number-one hound and number five all-breed.



Afghan Hound
Ch. Fashionista of Damos ("JIMMY JAMES")
(Ch.Andros Th'Art of Performance x Ch. Crystal Palace Zavala Miranda)
Bred by Rosa E. de Miranda and Rosaura Zavala
Owned by Juan Miranda and Rosa E. de Miranda
Breed Judge Mrs. Claire (Kitty) Steidel
FAST FACT: Youthful handler Juan Mirando was a popular junior handler in international
dog-show circles; when he won Best Junior Handler at the World Dog Show in 1999
in Mexico City, his enthusiastic fans stormed the ring.



GCh. Aashtoria Wildhunt Hidden Agenda ("CASPER")
(Ch. Mascha's Nepal of the Wild Hunt, SC x Ch. Svora's Secret Rendezvous)
Bred by Robin Riel and G. Duncan
Owned by Robin and Charles Riel
Breed Judge Mr. Roger Hartinger (judge change)
FAST FACT: Talk about all in the family: Casper's handler, Stuart McGraw, is the
son of Marilyn Thompson, who handled today's Select dog (Ch. Sunburst Huntsman
at Mechta), now a Japanese resident, to his U.S. championship.


Ch. Showline Sporting Step ("SARA")
(Ch. Skyings Excalibur x Ch. Showline Silent Step)
Bred and owned by Cecilie and Knut Blutecher
Breed Judge Mrs. Gloria R. Reese
FAST FACT: Norwegian-born Sara is a top-winning dog in her native land, and represented
Norway in the World Challenge, making the final cut.


Ibizan Hound
GCh. Harehill's Ace in the Hole ("JACKIE")
(Ch. Serandida's Camelot, JC x Ch. Harehill's Running Wild)
Bred by Wendy and Kurt Anderson
Owned by Kik Gindler and Wendy Anderson
Breed Judge Mr. Roger Hartinger (judge change)
FAST FACT: The number one Ibizan in 2009 and currently leading the pack, Jackie
is a granddaughter of the famous Bunny, the winningest Beezer of all time.



Irish Wolfhound
Ch. Desert Dune at Curiann ("Duney")
(Ch. Curiann's Celtic Rune x Ch. Wolfhaven Rocknroll to Curiann)
Bred and owned by Judith Ryan
Breed Judge Mr. Roger Hartinger (judge change)
FAST FACT: Canadian-born "Duney" swept the shows this weekend, going Best of Breed
for four consecutive days.



Pharaoh Hound
GCh. Northgate's As You Like It ("QING")
(Antefa's Pharaoh x Siphara's Sentimental Lady)
Bred by Hanna Ukura
Owned by Jenny Hall and Annika Lundquist
Breed Judge Mrs. June A. Penta
FAST FACT: Finnish-bred "Qing" has an enviable track record, including the number-one
dog in Sweden in 2008, World Dog Show Winner 2009 in Bratislava and two-time Hound
Group winner at Crufts.



DC Jamora High Society, SC ("PARKER")
(DC Jamora Bahia Tuscany, SC x Ch. Jamora Natalia)
Bred by Kim and Mike Anselmo and J. Morrison and Suzanne Forsyth
Owned by John and Suzanne Forsyth, Kim Anselmo and J. Morrison
Breed Judge Ms. Marjorie Martorella
FAST FACT: "Parker" is a veteran at 7 1/2 years old, as well as being a Best in
Field winner.


Scottish Deerhound
Ch. Caerwicce's D'Artagnan, JC ("D'ARTAGNAN")
(Caerwicca's Argos x CH Gayleward's Agnes B, JC)
Bred by Rachel Matthews
Owned by Debora Marr
Breed Judge Mrs. Claire (Kitty) Steidel
FAST FACT: This was the first time handler Andy Linton showed this 3-year-old Deerhound.



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